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  • Sale Hörbuch

    THE LISTENING BOOK: How healing still succeeds

    unavailable 9.90

    Guide to Finding and Encouraging Self-Healing by Gerald Hagler.
    The audiobook can be streamed or downloaded immediately after purchase.

    Reviews HERE.

    If you already have one of the Print editions (incl. Kindle) own, you will receive significant discount.
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  • Sale Bengston Kurs

    Die Bengston Heilmethode (kompletter Einsteigerkurs)

    unavailable 24.80

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  • Sale Heilungs Hürden

    Remove obstacles to healing

    unavailable 9.90

    This audio and text mini-course shows you how to overcome the major hurdles to healing through practical solutions and techniques.
    Gerald Hagler brings up central topics here and demonstrates once again how important it is to become aware of one's power and to use it purposefully.

    For it is precisely this own power of action that often tips the scales in a healing process.

    The contents of this course are delivered over 5 days. This gives you the opportunity to really put into practice what you have learned step by step.

    This course is excellent preparation for Gerald's 6 week program, Self-Healing Strategically.
    In addition, it makes a great gift.

  • Sale loslassen-verzeihen

    Letting go & forgiving - in 7 days to never experienced lightness

    unavailable 9.90

    With this one-week course, the contents of which I will deliver to you daily, you will be shown in concrete steps how to remove the radiance of a stressful experience from the present once and for all.

    These are some of the topics covered in this one-week course:

    • How do I start a forgiveness process?
    • Why repentance is often not expected?
    • Equity: How do I balance the accounts energetically?
    • What is the best way to shed trauma once and for all?
    • 2 methods are presented which, when used completely alone and in combination, help to achieve sustainable breakthroughs
    • no re-traumatization!
    • Includes the Ho'oponopono ritual (worth 7,90)
    • How to overwrite an energetic tattoo
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    The contents of this 7 day program correspond exactly to week 2 of Gerald Hagler's successful 6 week course ("Intensive alignment of the self-healing powers„).
    The only difference is that there is no personal care and no energy healing. (Here all Info about the complete package).

    The course is designed so that you can release ANY trauma in easy to understand steps. It doesn't matter if the perpetrator is remorseful or has even died.

  • Selbstheilungs Kurs

    Build Self-Healing Strategically - Mentally, Physically & Spiritually

    unavailable 199.00

    Successful self-healing or spontaneous healing has nothing to do with coincidence or esotericism. It is the result of a change. And this change is almost always brought about consciously.
    So what specifically did these people do?

    Now, they have recognized and consistently changed destructive thought patterns, habits or relationships.

    They focused again on themes such as enthusiasm, meaning, self-love or love of life.

    They gave the body the exercise it needed - which is usually more than a short walk on the weekend.

    They have realized that it is important to be at peace with one's environment, that holding on to old hurts is something we have chosen to do, but can change.

    They have made use of techniques that enable them to get out of the mostly negative carousel of thoughts.

    They have learned to listen to the "inner voice" that lovingly guides us.

    You have the inner peace which gives us support until the last hour - whereby it should be noted that this only exists for our body, but not for consciousness.

    Successful spontaneous healers have also recognized that we do not have only this one life. That it can therefore also never be "too late" to take the reins in our hands, and the To "lead" life consciously.

    That the inner doctor is the only really important one, because he also heals the soul in which we eventually live on.

    Again and again, even the most seriously ill demonstrate it: Self-healing is possibleoften even when conventional doctors no longer see a way forward.

    This course forms a structured self-healing process according to the 3 levels strategy of Gerald Hagler:

    • How can I gain new strength & confidence despite a serious diagnosis?
    • What should I do to turn a negative spiral into a success spiral?
    • How do I focus on my (new) goal - and keep fears & doubts at bay?
    • How do I deal with burdens from the past?
    • What self-healing measures should I specifically perform throughout the day?
    • What to do about pain, negative doctor prognosis & destructive "advice".
    • How do I align my energy magnet that determines my future?
    • How do I get into self-love?
    • What should be the meaning of the rest of my life?
    • How do I get answers from my higher self?
    • There are a number of helpful healing meditations and rituals, breathing exercises, etc. for this purpose.
  • Sale krebsheilung

    Optimize self-healing powers - This is how it works (7 days program)

    unavailable 9.90

    This 7-day email course provides short daily instructions for the targeted development of self-healing powers. The mental, physical and subtle levels are taken into account.

    By going through this program, you make sure that you do not leave out any available option in order to really fully utilize ALL of your inherent self-healing powers.

    These are some of the topics:

    • How do I attract beneficial events into my life?
    • How do I find the form of nutrition that exact is right for me?
    • How do I get rid of destructive thought content?
    • How do I find the ideal exercise program that fits my current constitution?
    • How can I MASSIVELY boost my immune system without drugs or external treatments?
    • How do I become my own coach and consultant?
    • With what attitude (and choice of words) will I go into doctor's meetings in the future?
    • How do I get in touch with subtle helpers?

    The contents of this 7-day program are the basis of Gerald Hagler's self-healing coaching. They represent the basic pillars of daily self-healing work.

    each day is divided into

    • mental
    • physical &
    • subtle spiritual measures

    Built-in self-analysis, a daily schedule, and various worksheets and checklists ensure that content relevant to you really is get into the implementation.