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THE LISTENING BOOK: How healing still succeeds

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Guide to Finding and Encouraging Self-Healing by Gerald Hagler.
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Here is the complete table of contents:

Section A: Understanding Disease
Clumsy body?
4 possible triggers for chronic disease
Root Cause Analysis

Section B: Promote self-healing
Immediate measures - first aid for self-help:
In the calm lies the power
The on-board means
Expectation creates facts
The homemade immune turbo
The countermovement

Mental Detox:
The secret of the masters
Eliminate mental toxins
Establish order

Radical Re-Mission. Reincarnation without dying
The radio program for the body cells
Intention + Concentration = Realization
Insight through mindful observation
Behavior + attitude = conditions

Use unusual healing springs:
Energetic healing springs
Classify regressions correctly
The courage to change
Diverting the gaze away from one's own suffering
The unnoticed dimension of nutrition
Mercy, compassion, kindness

Section C: Consciousness, Rebirth & Salvation Being
What if we could live forever?
The proof of rebirth
Where is the consciousness?
A new, fascinating reality model
Meaning of life - a personal reflection

Section D: Healthy interaction with conventional medicine(s)
Patient competence = patient well-being
Why do doctors have surgery less often?
Big Pharma - a repressive mafia gang?
Intelligence without wisdom - knowledge without (co-)feeling
How would it be ideal?
Recommendations for dealing with conventional medicine(s)

Section E: Healing Successes from Practice - Stories of Successful Self-Healers
Cancer cure without a doctor
Breakthrough instead of collapse
Operation canceled, ulcer gone
Shadow work and personal responsibility
Go in peace

Section F: Healing Texts
The special moment (meditation)
The magical ascension (trance journey)
Leaving the path of suffering
Healing Affirmations
Healing Manifesto
12 Commandments for Self-Healers

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