Machen Gene krank? Interview mit Bruce Lipton
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Do genes make you sick? Interview with Bruce Lipton

(by Gerald Hagler) Selfhealing Academy:Dr. Lipton, you left the conventional science establishment many years ago and have since been addressing a broad public with the message that the view that genes control our health is wrong. Bruce Lipton:Yes, that's true, but let's start with some physics.physics studies the...

Die 3 Ebenen Strategie der Selbstheilung

The 3 levels strategy of self-healing

(by Gerald Hagler) 12 surprising healing factors that cost nothing and require no external aids. The special thing about the 3 levels strategy: NO external aids are needed, everything happens out of you and through you. And this "coming into your own responsibility" is THE most important step when we talk about self-healing. Recognize your own power of action...

Die „Kraft der 8“ Methode von Lynne McTaggart
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The "Power of 8" Method by Lynne McTaggart

The most fundamental insight, however, was the proof that we are all connected with each other and with the world through the basic framework of our existence (=zero point field). It had been proved by scientific experiments that there can be something like a life force flowing through our universe, which has been variously called collective consciousness or, in the language of theologies, the Holy Spirit. There was now a plausible explanation for all that mankind had believed in for centuries without having solid evidence or adequate proof, from the efficacy of alternative cures or even prayers, to life after death.

Ernährung – warum es um mehr als Nahrungsbestandteile geht
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Nutrition - why it's about more than food ingredients

There are as many nutritional recommendations as there are types of bread, many of which are diametrically opposed to each other. Is there such a thing as an ideal diet at all, or do we forget in this discussion quite decisive framework factors?

Raus aus dem Panikmodus – so gelingt´s
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Get out of panic mode - this is how to succeed

Above all, however, today's crisis is an opportunity to reflect on one's own strengths and abilities. You don't need any special training or ability to do this. I am talking about the qualities inherent in the "human operating system" such as deep trust in one's own power, readiness to help, but also the awareness of being held by a higher power - indeed of being a part of this power that is above all imponderables of earthly life.
Every human being lives the first months of his life in this consciousness. Through upbringing and life circumstances and some twisted social values, we become headless chickens at times. But: a return to what makes me as a human being is possible at any time. It is perhaps especially possible when the accustomed protective walls break down all around.

Nocebo – Modernes Voodoo und wie wir massenhaft darauf hereinfallen
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Nocebo - Modern Voodoo and how we fall for it en masse

The extent to which a certain expectation alone can make people ill has been investigated in nocebo research. Therefore, we know today: about 25% of all subjects of a drug test develop the symptoms described under the side effects, even if you only got a sugar pill without active ingredients. In addition, the nocebo effect can even be contagious!